Multi-coloured Glass Writeboards: A Stylish Office Addition to Suit Your Brand

We’ve written before about how big an upgrade the glass whiteboard is on a traditional whiteboard. Your typical whiteboard is bulky, stains easily, and eventually fades, while retaining the unsightly shadows of your past writing. A glass whiteboard does nothing of the sort, being both practical and extremely stylish. But a glass whiteboard doesn’t always have to be white… Introducing multi-coloured glass writeboards!

Glasslab - IM16- Glass Whiteboard 2_Blue_F01

Glass writeboards consist of a pane of thick toughened glass, bonded to a unique steel back-plate. The back of the glass is painted white, to give it the look of a proper whiteboard. Typically, it will have a bit of a green tint to it, due to the iron content of the glass, but a pure white writeboard can be made, using some special low-iron glass. But it’s not just a choice between pure white and a slight green tint… Glass writeboards can be any colour you desire.

The back of the glass can be painted any colour you desire, whether it’s a dark green, a striking blue or a deep red. Not only does this lead to you getting a product perfect for you, but it ensures your glass writeboard will slot in to your colour scheme perfectly. A lot of businesses go big on branding – let’s say you have a logo with the main colour being a vibrant pink. You may want to get your branding across in the interior design, and as such, a vibrant pink glass writeboard helps to boost your identity as a brand. When potential clients come into your office for a meeting, they’ll get the impression you have a really strong brand, with the identity of your business spread around the office’s design.

Take a look at the quick video below, to see just how nice a bespoke coloured glass writeboard could look in your workspace:

Glass writeboards are hugely beneficial to any office that needs them, with each writeboard having many aspects to create the perfect piece. The steel back-plate ensures you are supported when leaning on the pane of glass to write, and also means the board is magnetic, as is a traditional whiteboard. Obviously, the thick pane of glass between the steel back-plate and the magnet will mean it’s not quite as magnetic as hoped, but using extra strong magnets ensures you can still put up memos and notices with ease. Glass writeboards are also made to tackle the fading and easy staining of your traditional whiteboard, so it always looks just as stunning as the day you installed it. Writeboards are also frameless, which takes away the bulky look of a traditional whiteboard, instead leaving an attractive shadow line around the board. As well as choosing from a coloured writeboard, a standard green tinted, or a pure white, you can also choose an anti-bacterial board, which ensures you keep hygiene to a maximum when using a board in a hospital or science lab.

So, are you interested in brightening up your office with a glass writeboard? No matter what colour you want and what size you wish for, Glasslab can help. Whether you want a bright, vibrant yellow, a darker, more serious red or just a plain stunning white, contact us now. To get in touch with our team to have any questions and concerns you may have answered, and for a no-obligation quote, just fill in this contact form, or give us a quick call on 01706 341122.